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Weka TLI Tank Level indicators from Control Components

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The Weka TLI Tank Level indicators from Control Components complement the range of Weka VLI’s (Visual Level Indicators), designed to assist wherever physical conditions prevent a bypass type level measuring installation.

Directly installed on the tank, the TLI sensors provide a reliable level measurement signal output that can be fed to a remote indicator or control system. A wide choice of standard accessories and fittings allow TLI tank level indicators to be configured to meet virtually any tank level measurement requirement. These sensors can even be installed in the bottom of tanks, oriented vertically upwards.

The Weka TLI Tank Level indicators take advantage of the proven highly reliable float technology that provides extremely accurate liquid level sensing under almost all operating conditions.

Some of the advantages of the Weka TLI Tank Level indicators include:

  • Floats follow true liquid surface, rather than extrapolate results from indirect indications such as pressure or echoes. They operate flawlessly in tanks with curved walls or other shapes
    without clear vertical access, where other liquid level technologies may be unable to function.
  • Floats feature the unique capability to monitor liquid interface levels in virtually any tank size or shape . Anywhere liquids with differing densities (> 0.1) are contained together (oil and water, for example), Weka float type sensors keep operators aware of their interface level position. The principle of measurement of Weka TLI sensors effectively eliminates the problems that foam and waves cause with other types of level sensors.
  • Floats and their magnetically actuated reed switch counterparts are accurate and repeatable. Measurement accuracy of other technologies can be impaired by changes in pressure or temperature and often require complex expensive electronics and continual adjustment and  recalibration.

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