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Variable area flow meter with new design features

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Many brands of variable area flow meters have low operating pressure limitations - but Lake Monitors, available from Control Components , do not.

This important feature is a result of a basic design philosophy of all Lake Monitors flow meters.

Instead of relying on transparent materials like glass or exotic plastics to give visual indication of the flow rate, Lake Monitors enclose the wet components inside a high pressure casing.

These casings then enable application on high pressure flow lines. Pressure ratings for air & gas applications can be up to 69 bar (1000 PSIG) whilst the liquid versions for water and oil monitoring can be up to 413 bar (6000 PSIG ).

The inherent problems of reading glass or plastic units once they build up with the inevitable slick inside them, or if required to monitor opaque fluids like oil, are gone. Likewise the risk of fracture and leakage are removed.

Lake Monitors Variable Area Flow Meters are constructed of aluminium, brass or stainless steel.

The flow rate is transferred via a magnetically coupled follower which moves freely within a sealed window.

The flow rate is easily read on a dual scale protected by the weatherproof window. The Lake units come in 24 different port sizes (NPT, BSP and SAE threads) and with 26 different flow ranges.

Because all Lake Monitors variable area flow meters have calibrated internal springs for compression recoil, they can be mounted in any orientation. They do not need straight plumbing of inlets or outlets.

Control Components are stocking units for oil applications up to 500SSU viscosity, water and air / gas applications. Lake Monitors are so confident of their product's reliability, they offer a 5 year parts and labour warranty

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