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article image Suspended by a PVC insulated cable and suited to applications in the waste water and rural irrigation markets.

CONTROL Components been appointed Australian distributor for the Kari range of float switches. The Kari range of tear drop float switches are suspended by a PVC insulated cable and are suited to applications in the waste water and rural irrigation markets as well as oil tanks and chemical reservoirs.

Suspended float switches are one of the simplest and effective forms of level control. The range of switches covers high or low-level alarms and combination units that control fill or discharge pumps plus high and/or low level alarms, all in the one float switch.

Alarm outputs can be on isolated circuits. These features remove the need for multiple switches to perform different tasks. The standard Kari float is polypropylene and 170mm in diameter. This gives the float buoyancy, overcoming the effects of most solids and greases in suspension. The switching differential can be altered by a simple adjustment of the location of the pivot weight. The hysteresis or differential can be adjusted between a minimum of 250mm and a maximum of 1200mm. Units with integrated high or low-level alarm outputs operate outside of the pump control differential.

There are 20 standard versions that are configured to provide different function and wiring configurations. The standard cable length is 5m but longer cables are available on request. For applications where PVC cabling is not acceptable, polyurethane, rubber (ATON) or Teflon cable insulation is available.

For clean fluid applications the Kari Mini range is designed for the simple applications of tank filling or emptying, or high or low-level alarms as discrete switches.

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