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General purpose ultrasonic level sensors

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GEMS Sensors has released its new range of ultrasonic level sensors, now available from Control Components.

The Gems UCL series for continuous level measurement is complemented by the ULS series for series point level detection.

The Gems ULC-210 family provides for a two wire 4-20mA transmitted signal over a range up to 3.6 metres. These non-contact sensors are mounted through the top of small or bulk tanks via a 2" NPT fitting. They provide an accuracy of ±0.25% of the range span, with a resolution of 3mm.

The transducer material is PVDF for high chemical compatibility. The enclosure is IP65 rated polypropylene.

These general purpose devices are suitable for measuring the fluid levels in intermediate bulk containers, day tanks, process vessels, plating lines and waste sumps.

Being non-contact they are a suitable choice for applications with ultra pure, dirty, coating, scaling or corrosive type liquids.

Media examples include ink, ultra pure water, brine solutions, acids and wastewater.

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