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Four-probe turbidity measuring system

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article image Includes graphic LCD display.

CONTROL Components has announced the release of the new model ATM100 turbidity meter system from the Swiss manufacturer Aquasant AG.

The compact ATM100 system can be used for online determination of cell density, monitoring of crystallisation processes, suspension monitoring or solid content determination.

The range of applications includes such areas as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and chemical industry and food sector, and water quality management.

Up to four Aquasant measuring probes can be connected to the ATM400 with a bus cable. It can thus monitor and control independently four different processes or process stages.

The ATM100 includes a full graphic LCD display and an easy menu navigation system. The actual behaviour of turbidity is represented as a graph for each measurement point. The standard ATM100 configuration for one turbidity measuring probe includes a 0/4-20mA current output as well as two relay outputs.

The ATM100 can also be equipped with optional modules including:

* Ethernet module with integrated web page for configuring the ATM100 and its 1 - 4 probes;

* The UART module can communicate either through RS232 or an RS485 interface, but not simultaneously. This can be used for visualisation software, Labview or similar with the Modbus standard protocol.

Aquasant's probes use a highly sensitive measurement of diffused light, thus only requiring one measuring point in contrast to other two-probe measuring systems.

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