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article image One of Robern Menz's Siat carton sealers.

ROBERN Menz's production manager guessed his Siat carton sealers from Cling would last 100 years and laughed. "Really, they're pretty durable, but I think they'll perform for 10 years or so," Neville Shanahan said.

"So long as you keep the blades sharp and the belts in good condition, they're extremely reliable."

The four units each handle about 7000kg of confectionery per day. That equates to 250 cartons an hour of anything from apricots to crown mints.

Robern Menz's workforce of 50 to 60 staff package general confectionery for Australia's supermarket chains, including Woolworths, Coles, Franklins and Foodland.

The South Australian company is one of Australia's largest fruit processors as well as being the State's largest confectionery company.

Robern Menz's Siat carton sealers, which have been in operation for about five years, have proven to be low-maintenance.

"We replace their belts every nine months or so and once a year we have someone come in and perform thorough maintenance. Otherwise, we don't work on the sealers at all," Mr Shanahan said.

"They're very easy to use and maintain. It only takes four to five minutes to set the machine up for a new carton size, which is particularly good," he added.

The safety of the sealers was also very important to Robern Menz. "The Siats are very safe to operate and quite foolproof. Other machines we've had haven't been of this standard."

"They look nice. They're neat and tidy; very safe electrically; and easy to clean and maintain. I'd certainly buy another one," Mr Shanahan said.

Robern Menz continues to expand and plans to install a new production line in the next six months. Cling Packaging 08 8445 7933.

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