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Spiral conveyor and LMS belt conveyors from Contech - Conveyor Technology

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Contech - Conveyor Technology  provides conveyor technology to packaging and food processing industries with turnkey project solutions. The technology created by Contech - Conveyor Technology improves the efficiency of the operating systems and provides custom engineered equipment.

Contech - Conveyor Technology also provides solutions for handling palletised and cartooned product including carton conveyor, carton case turning system, pallet handling system and lift track conveyor elevators.

Contech - Conveyor Technology offers spiral conveyors which can be integrated with full installations. Spiral conveyors provide solutions for improving the efficiency and output of the plants. Spiral conveyors helps in eliminating waste, saves floor space. It does not require belt lubricants, helps in balancing systems and offers solution for total product conditioning. Spiral conveyors from Contech - Conveyor Technology are ideal for industrial and food environment applications.

LMS belt conveyor from Contech - Conveyor Technology helps in transporting products with decreased spillage. This LMS belt conveyor is ideal for oven to packing systems, confectionery conveying and for cooling conveyor systems. The features of belt conveyors include scraper and tray, return roller trays, retracting ends, automatic pneumatic belt take up, swing transfer modules.

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