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Innovative electrostatic discharge test system

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EM TEST’s DITO electrostatic discharge test system, available from Consultant Technology , is designed to generate random electrostatic discharges, similar to those that commonly occur between a human body and any other surface that is capable of exhibiting a different voltage potentional.

ESD discharges between two different objects can result in significant risk to sensitive control or process electronics that may be connected to or even located within the ESD discharge conduction path.

Such phenomena are evaluated against established EMC compliance test standards specifically intended for ESD risk evaluation, e.g., IEC61000-4-2 for industrial products or ITU-TK21 for communications products or ISO10605 for automotive electronics and many others.

The DITO ESD test system is a versatile fully portable system that is capable of generating more than 50,000 pulses at 16.5kV even when operating in fully portable mode from its internal battery.

The user friendly “single-handed” ergonomic design of the DITO, includes easy detachable discharge tip and discharge network as well as a built-in display reporting each operating step and test results, with built-in menus covering common ESD test standards including test routines, for example, “evaluation” which is a special test designed to locate “points of susceptibility ” in particular circuits or layouts.

When changing to a different discharge network, the built-in display will identify the network, avoiding any confusion regarding the network needed for the test.

The DITO Control and documentation software goes far beyond being just a remote control and documentation facility, it is an ESD test manager covering test preparation, generation of test notes, test routine programming and collection of test data with full documentation of every procedure.

DITO also offers accessories for special applications including an RFCI relay module for very fast rise time testing commonly required by Telecoms and computer manufacturers.

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