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Power correction systems from Conservelec

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Conservelec  recommends various products for reducing electricity consumption. The PhaseSaver Reactive Power Correction System is one of the products recommended by Conservelec to save maximum energy. This product can be used to reduce power consumption on all types of AC motors such as the refrigeration, air conditioners and other machineries. This product helps to reduce the possible power consumption without compromising on speed, horsepower and reliability. This product enables to reduce the wasted energy thereby saving the money of its clients.

The PhaseSaver offers many benefits like, it eliminates power factor penalties, cools overheated lines, lowers KW consumption, improves facility power factor, extends the life of motors and it lasts for 140,000 hours of service.

The motor controller is yet another product recommended by Conservelec to reduce energy consumption. It is seen that a large amount of electricity is wasted when the motor is not operating at full load. Conservelec recommends products that are less energy consuming. Conservelec also recommends electrically efficient products and power correction solutions to its clients so as to offers additional benefits.

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