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ZigSense ZS3G-SMS cellular node offers true out of the box experience
15.04.2014 - Conlab presents the ZS3G-SMS, a new out of the box monitor and control node from ZigSense.
ZigSense ZSXX-P2P-001 – Peer To Peer wireless cable replacer
02.04.2013 - ZigSense model ZSXX-P2P-001 is a wireless cable replacer device designed to enable the transfer of wired I/O data between two remote locations.
ZigSense Modbus Gateaway available from Conlab
11.08.2011 - Conlab introduces the ZigSense Modbus Gateway, which contains the ZigBee Network Manager coordinator.
Conlab releases new ZigBee wireless monitoring nodes to its ZigSense line of wireless sensors
22.07.2011 - Conlab adds a new range of ZigBee wireless monitoring nodes to its ZigSense line of wireless sensors.
Applications of Conlab's Scada telemetry and wireless control systems
13.10.2010 - Applications of Conlab’s Scada telemetry and wireless systems in water treatment plants, mine sites, car manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical plants, power stations and large scale irrigation control
Sentinel HASP SRM from Conlab for the protection and licensing lifecycle of software products
12.10.2010 - Sentinel HASP SRM from Conlab, is an innovative Software Rights Management solution that facilitates and optimizes the protection and licensing lifecycle of software products.
Wireless Ethernet bridge radio modem, the XPress Ethernet Bridge, from Conlab
18.06.2010 - Conlab have announced the availability of the XPress Ethernet Bridge - a long range wireless Ethernet bridge radio modem.
ZigBee Range Tester – ZS24-RGR-001 from Conlab
04.03.2010 - Conlab has announced its latest Australian made product, the ZigSense Range Tester model ZS24-RGR-001.
Wireless sensors now available from Conlab
08.12.2009 - Conlab has announced the release of its ZigSense line of wireless sensors utilizing ZigBee mesh network technology as its core communications channel.
Conlab release XBP09 ZigBee radio modules
23.03.2009 - Conlab have released the XBP09 ZigBee radio modules communicating in the long range 900MHz RF frequency band. The XBP09 ZigBee radio module is built upon a fast 156Kbps RF platform leveraging the peer
Commzed-485 radio modem available from Conlab
16.02.2009 - Commzed-485 is an encrypted 900MHz FHSS wireless link available from Conlab. The Commzed-485 combines RS485 or RS232 Peer-To-Peer data communication between a matched radio pair with Full Duplex digital I/O transfer where installation of cables is di
Conlab offer U.C.ME-OPC 2009 high severity alarm queues
25.09.2008 - The U.C.ME-OPC 2009 high severity alarm queues, available from Conlab, can distinguish between standard alarms and high severity alarms.
Conlab releases Farell UMF-100 a Universal Remote IO MODBUS device
19.05.2008 - Conlab has released Farell UMF-100 a Universal Remote IO MODBUS device in Australia.
DataSticks instrumentation electrodes from Conlab
27.08.2007 - Aquasensors’ smart instrumentation electrodes known as DataSticks contains pH electrode with direct communications to PLCs using MODBUS RTU protocol.
Programmable RTU and data logger operator available from Conlab
16.03.2007 - TBOX programmable RTU and data logger available from Conlab now support the AB PLCs DF1 protocol.
Web based telemetry
14.11.2006 - TBOX combines programmable logic controller, data logger with built-in fully functional web server in a single package.
Wireless interface unit
10.11.2006 - Conlab has released a new 8 channel 4-20mA to MODBUS wireless interface unit. The unit will interface to 8 galvanic isolated 4-20mA signals sources or any mix of other sensors.
ZigBee RS232/USB radio modem
05.05.2006 - CONLAB has announced the availability of a fully packaged radio modem utilising the ZigBee/802.15.4 protocol. MaxStream model XBP24-PKI-RA and XBP24-PKI-UA enable RS232 or USB wireless connectivity using the latest ZigBee communications protocol.
ZigBee RTU
04.05.2006 - CONLAB Pty Ltd has announced the availability of iWireless RTU that uses the latest ZigBee wireless protocol. The iWireless family combines traditional remote analogue and digital functions of Modbus
AquaSensors - programmable digital electrodes
21.03.2006 - CONLAB Pty Ltd has launched AquaSensors, a new line of products. AquaSensors are a line of industrial strength programmable digital electrodes for water analysis applications. These advanced electrodes use built-in serial communications interface mod
What is ZigBee?
06.02.2006 - ZigBee enables the broad-based deployment of wireless networks that can run for years on inexpensive batteries.
Zigbee wireless communications protocol
03.02.2006 - ZIGBEE is a wireless technology developed as an open global standard to address the unique needs of low-cost, low-power, wireless sensor networks. The standard takes full advantage of the IEEE 802.15.4 physical radio specification.
1W radio modem
14.11.2005 - IN response to the accelerating demand for reliable, high-performance wireless data technology, the MaxStream 9XTend product family now includes an OEM RF module that complies with Australian agency (ACMA) regulations. The award-winning 9XTend OEM RF
Wireless MODBUS I/O pair
07.10.2005 - CONLAB Pty Ltd has introduced the RT12-4411 - a feature packed low cost ‘iWireless’ I/O pair with built in MODBUS protocol and Ethernet port. RT12-4411 is a highly accurate wireless system designed to convert wired sensors into a seamless wireless co
Alarm notification software
02.09.2005 - WHEN an alarm occurs it is not enough to know there is an alarm condition. A quick decision is needed, followed by rapid action to ensure a small hitch in the plant will not become a major fault. UCME
ZigBee protocol wireless modules
30.08.2005 - CONLAB Pty Ltd has introduced the ZigBee wireless OEM modules. The XBee modules from MaxStream support ZigBee/802.15.4 protocol. ZigBee wireless networks are optimised for low cost and low power systems by using 250Kbps data rate vs 1MBps of Bluetoot
Ethernet remote I/O modules
23.08.2005 - CONLAB Pty Ltd offers a new range of affordable Ethernet remote I/O modules, the RM200. This DIN rail mount is designed for robust industrial applications. It enables the connection of a wide variety
900MHz Wireless Ethernet bridge for PLCs
11.07.2005 - CONLAB has released MaxStream XPress, a long-range radio modem Ethernet bridge for PLC point to point communications in industrial environments.
Long-range wireless bridge for Ethernet networks
10.06.2005 - MAXSTREAM, represented in Australia by Conlab, has released a long-range wireless bridge that expands the capabilities of high-speed Ethernet networks. The XPress Ethernet Bridge allows host and client Ethernet connections to communicate at a range o
Modular remote control systems
27.10.2004 - TECHNO Trade SA, represented in Australia by Conlab, has released Tbox MS, a range of modular products based on a backplane rack architecture.
Compact remote terminal units
27.10.2004 - TECHNO Trade SA, represented in Australia by Conlab, has released Tbox-lite, a range of compact RTU products.
Small form factor wireless transceiver
07.09.2004 - The 9XTend wireless transceiver offers 256-bit AES encryption and a power output of 1mW-1W (software selectable).
Multi-tasking alarm notification software
14.01.2004 - CONLAB has released UCME alarm notification software. UCME is OPC client software. It runs on Microsoft Windows platform and communicates with any OPC server and with industrial automation software (SCADA) such as Citect, Wonderware and others via OP
Fast SCADA/HMI application development
08.12.2003 - AXEDA Systems, represented by Conlab, has announced the release of Axeda Supervisor with Wizcon version 8.3. The new release enhances the Axeda Supervisor product suite to improve connectivity and enable faster development of advanced web-based autom
Wireless, seamless, configurable RTU
13.02.2002 - CONLAB has introduced the AES RT12-4204 license-free radio RTU controller pair. The controller includes configurable 12 bits, 4 x analog inputs, 4 x analog outputs, 2 x optically isolated digital inputs and 2 x open collector digital outputs.
Low power wireless modules
22.01.2002 - MAXSTREAM OEM wireless radio modules are low power (100mW), compact and deliver excellent long range communications performance in harsh conditions. These modules comply with Australia's standards for frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) license
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