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ZigSense ZS3G-SMS cellular node offers true out of the box experience

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Conlab presents the ZS3G-SMS, a new out of the box monitor and control node from ZigSense, utilising standard GSM/3G cellular networks as its communications infrastructure to exchange SMS messages.

By sending SMS commands to the ZS3G-SMS cellular node, authorised users can remotely monitor and control up to four digital inputs and four digital outputs wired to a wide range of industrial equipment, remote irrigation systems, motors, pumps, generators, fans, lighting systems, PLCs and more.

Authorised users enter commands selected from a list of pre-programmed SMS messages on a standard mobile or smartphone, following which, the commands are sent to cellular phone numbers pre-defined by the user. For every command sent by the user, the ZS3G-SMS cellular node returns an SMS acknowledgement message advising the sender whether the command was successfully accomplished.

To maintain safety and security the ZS3G-SMS cellular node constantly checks: Whether the message was sent by an authorised cellular phone number; and whether the SMS message matches the syntax programmed in the cellular node's non-volatile memory.

Erroneous SMS message syntax or commands sent by unauthorised users will be rejected, with the rejection message sent to the sending person and to the administrator.

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