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ZigBee protocol wireless modules

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article image Capable of advanced mesh networking topologies.

CONLAB Pty Ltd has introduced the ZigBee wireless OEM modules. The XBee modules from MaxStream support ZigBee/802.15.4 protocol.

ZigBee wireless networks are optimised for low cost and low power systems by using 250Kbps data rate vs 1MBps of Bluetooth. ZigBee wireless applications target unattended wireless systems in industrial environments (factories), home or office wireless environment.

ZigBee is capable of advanced mesh networking topologies. It makes up for its low power consumption by leveraging its ability to relay data through nearby cooperating nodes. Mesh networks occur transparently while providing redundancy and reliability.

ZigBee nodes can be full-function devices (FFD) with complete 802.15.4 functionality that enables them to become network coordinator or router.

ZigBee uses 16 channels Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) modulation in mixed-Mesh, Star and Peer-to-Peer topologies to deliver reliable data service with up to 65000 available network addresses.

MaxStream's ZigBee 2.4GHz modules offer impressive communications range with up to 1200m range (RF line-of-sight at 250kbps) using the XBeePRO 100mW modules and up to 100m range (indoor/urban environments at 250Kbps) using the XBee 1mW module.

Receiver sensitivity is -100dBm. Power-down current reaches below 10µA.

Conlab supplies complete ZigBee Developers’ Kits (XBee24P-DK) and ZigBee OEM modules.

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