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Wireless sensors now available from Conlab

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article image Wireless sensors, now available from Conlab

Conlab has announced the release of its ZigSense line of wireless sensors utilising ZigBee mesh network technology as its core communications channel. Features of the wireless sensors include:

  • The ZigSense line of wireless sensors is Australian designed and made
  •  ZigSense wireless nodes establish a self-healing network of spatially distributed sensors that cooperatively monitor physical and environmental conditions
  • Data can be transferred from the wireless sensors to standard SCADA, Telemetry, PLC and HMI stations via a ZigSense communications Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP gateway
  • The wireless sensors are flexible
  • The ZigSense line of wireless sensors offer simplicity of installation
  • Wire-free connectivity
ZigSense nodes are designed to meet a growing demand by the industrial world to minimize installation costs whilst new or existing plants expand their operations through additional field equipment. Industrial, manufacturing, water treatment, chemical processing plants and mining sites are just a few examples where the need for reliable and portable monitoring channels are required between remote instrumentation devices and the plant’s control room.

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