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Wireless MODBUS I/O pair

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article image The unit generates alarms when communications are lost.

CONLAB Pty Ltd has introduced the RT12-4411 - a feature packed low cost ‘iWireless’ I/O pair with built in MODBUS protocol and ETHERNET port.

The RT12-4411 is a highly accurate wireless system designed to convert wired sensors into a seamless wireless connection between 4-20mA, 0-5Vdc or 0-10Vdc analogue inputs and 0-5Vdc analogue outputs wired to PLC, Data Logger or SCADA system.

The device is equipped with four channels of bi-directional, full duplex 12 bits analogue inputs and outputs, as well as one optically isolated digital input and open collector digital output.

The hardware architecture for both master and slave is identical. The four input signals from the master and slave are transmitted to each other and are converted to respective outputs.

The RT12-4411 is built into a compact industry standard DIN rail plastic enclosure.

Power supply requirement are 12V-24Vdc with battery charger built-in.

Each of the RT12-4411 modules can be re-configured as a stand alone standard wireless MODBUS remote I/O device accessible through its built-in radio by any MODBUS based system and a licence free radio.

The unit generates alarms when communications are lost or when input voltage is too high.

The built-in long range radio is based on Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping (SSFH) technology communicating over the licence-free band of 915MHz and 928MHz or 2.4GHz.

Optional programming software is available enabling data to be displayed in graphic and numeric format including engineering units.

Programmable ‘input labels’ allows the user to assign names such as ‘voltage’, ‘current’, ‘pressure’ etc to each of the inputs of the master and slave stations. Optional UDP/email module allows monitoring of a master/slave pair via Ethernet.

The list of potential applications where RT12-4411 can be implemented are almost limitless.

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