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Small form factor wireless transceiver

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article image Small 1W form factor.

MAXSTREAM, represented by Conlab , has released the 9XTend wireless transceiver, with 256-bit AES encryption and a power output of 1mW-1W (software selectable).

It has a low-cost transmission range of up to 914m in indoor or urban environments and up to 64km line-of-sight.

It has a 900MHz data throughput, up to 115kbps sustainable RF data rate, and up to 230kbps interface data rate. It has a small 1W form factor.

It is suitable for secure, critical and long-range applications including security, remote monitoring, building automation systems, automated teller machines, point-of-sale terminals, and keyless/remote access systems.

Development kits and production units are available. The transceiver is also available in an enclosed, plug-and-play RS232/485 radio modem.

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