High Speed Communication with Wireless Cable Replacers from Conlab

by Conlab

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Conlab's ZigSense P2P is a wireless cable replacer device designed to transfer wired I/O data between two remote locations using license free radio frequencies of 2.4GHz, 868MHz, 900MHz.

Wireless provides high speed communications and data enabled digital and analogue I/O signals to be reliably transferred
  • Signals can be transmitted over short, medium or long distances
  • Eliminates the need to install expensive cables, conduits or dig trenches
  • ZigSoft software enables the user to set the system for logically inverted outputs and fail safe mode
  • I/O signals can be logged to CSV file for historical data analysis where each record is time stamped
Each P2P node supports:
  • 4 x analogue inputs (voltage or current)
  • 4 x analogue outputs (voltage or current)
  • 4 x digital inputs
  • 4 x digital outputs
An ideal solution for analogue or digital signals of tank levels, temperatures, pressure and flow, pump motors can also be started or stopped and alarm conditions can be transferred to a remote PLC or between two PLC I/O modules.

Conlab's ZigSense wireless peer to peer nodes contribute to the significant reduction in material and installation costs.

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