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AXEDA Systems, represented by Conlab , has announced the release of Axeda Supervisor with Wizcon version 8.3.

The new release enhances the Axeda Supervisor product suite to improve connectivity and enable faster development of advanced web-based automation and control applications.

Part of the Axeda device relationship management (DRM) family, Axeda Supervisor allows users to remotely monitor, manage, and service intelligent industrial automation devices in real-time via the Internet.

Axeda Supervisor combines remote information access with real-time control for a cost effective method of managing mission critical systems. Each package includes web viewing capabilities to support real-time business decisions that provide good quality and minimal downtime of critical industrial systems.

Axeda Supervisor offers Web functionality, including a secure Web connection with automatic log-out of inactive users and faster loading of trend objects.

Axeda Supervisor provides enhanced support for the industrial standard OLE for Process Control (OPC). Operating as an OPC Data Access (DA 2.05A) server or client, Wizcon 8.3 can easily integrate various third-party software tools for connectivity, reporting or batching.

Support for the OPC Alarms & Events (AE 1.1) client interface enables easy connectivity to third party alarm servers. Integration with centralised SQL-based user management enables IT departments to use definitions already in place for security and easy maintenance.

Other features include immediate, direct, remote technical support via the Internet, online and in real time, using Axeda Access.

The system offers advanced network recovery functions for operation even in degraded environments. Database connectivity (ODBC, SQL) has been enhanced from earlier versions, with monitoring and automatic error-recovery of the connection to remote servers. A remote visualisation license for web station(s) is now included as standard.

Also included are other new features that have been designed to enable fast and easy development of advanced automation applications for remote users.

The Axeda Supervisor suite includes Wizcon 8.3 for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and human-machine interfacing (HMI), WizPLC 2.21 for performing control logic in Windows NT, 2000 or XP environments, and WizScheduler 2.1 for date/time-based task planning.

Axeda Supervisor also includes components such as WizAAM for alarm routing to on-duty personnel, WizSQL for secure ODBC data interchange, and WizVCR for event play-back and analysis.

A component of Axeda DRM, the Axeda Supervisor suite provides a comprehensive Internet-based decision support solution for managing devices, facilities, and automation systems.

It incorporates device relationship management technology to give customers supervisory control, sophisticated scheduling, multiple remote access options, secure Firewall-Friendly communications, rapid application development, and connectivity with enterprise databases and applications.

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