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Conlab release XBP09 ZigBee radio modules

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Conlab  have released the XBP09 ZigBee radio modules communicating in the long range 900MHz RF frequency band. The XBP09 ZigBee radio module is built upon a fast 156Kbps RF platform leveraging the peer-to-peer architecture of DigiMesh to simplify mesh networks while providing support for sleeping routers and dense network operation.

These advanced mesh network features allow the module to extend the operational-life of battery dependent networks and ensure network stability. XBee embedded RF modules are available with different protocols to suit a variety of applications and networking topologies.

Supported protocols include 802.15.4, the ZigBee PRO feature set, proprietary long range, Point-Multi Point and DigiMesh. All Digi XBee modules share a common hardware footprint and are modelled after a common software API. Once deployed into an application, OEMs can rapidly change from one protocol to another with minimal time and development risk.

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