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AquaSensors - programmable digital electrodes

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CONLAB Pty Ltd has launched AquaSensors, a new line of products.

AquaSensors are a line of industrial strength programmable digital electrodes for water analysis applications.

These advanced electrodes use built-in serial communications interface modules and programmable sensor heads.

If AquaSensors digital sensors are used there is no need to monitor or calibrate 4-20mA signals and no need for analogue inputs in Data Logger/PLC/RTUs.

As an example, a pH electrode with MODBUS interface can be easily accessed as a standard MODBUS device.

The AquaSensors concept

The universal body is known as the “Data Stick”. It accepts any type of interchangeable sensor/electrode head and any type of interchangeable communications adaptor.

Using the MODBUS RS485 communication adaptor as an example, Multiple AquaSensors’ electrodes can be accessed as MODBUS stations on a multi-drop twisted pair over long distances.

Alternatively they can be accessed by wireless means such as low power radios, GSM modems or CDMA modems.

Power consumption of the AquaSensors line is low. A 12Vdc battery can easily power the sensor.

Calibration of each sensor is done using the AquaComm software. The calibrated head can be pre-calibrated digitally in the laboratory and simply replaced in the field without the need to remove the entire electrode for calibration. There is no need to re-calibrate 4-20mA signal transmitters.

Should a local 4-20mA display be required a low cost hardware device converts the digital serial data stream to 4-20mA output and adds a local numerical display.

A cluster of electrodes also known as SONDE can be assembled into a “Data Rod“. A “Data Rod” may be used as a remote sensing centre. “Data Rod” communications means either wire interface board or wireless connectivity channel.

All AquaSensors were designed to operate under stringent industrial and demanding environmental conditions.

AquaSensors line is designed and manufactured by the original electrode designers of the highly acclaimed GLI (now HACH) electrodes.

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