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Ear today, gone tomorrow

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ACCORDING to the Confectionery Manufacturers of Australasia (CMA), Australian consumers continue to be attracted by novelty items when it come to selecting Easter gifts for family and friends. This year Easter sales were expected to exceed $220 million.

While Australia remains the world’s top nation for the consumption of Easter eggs, consuming an average of twenty per head, chocolate Easter bunnies are high on people’s gift list and have yet to be beaten by local icon – the chocolate bilby.

Recent international research into consumption habits indicate that adult consumers are no slouches when it comes to Easter goodies as they appear very knowledgeable about the best way to eat chocolate bunnies.

“Most people appear to start with the ears”, CMA chief executive David Greenwood, who admits to eating bunnies’ ears first, himself said.

“The survey revealed that, 76% said they start with the ears when they munch a chocolate bunny. Eating bunnies’ feet first (5%) and tail first (4%) were not popular choices.”

Eggs, bunnies and bilbies will join hundreds of other goodies in as Easter confectionery gifts.

From cream-filled eggs and marshmallow chicks to miniature candy bars and favourite every-day candies decked out in special Easter wrappings.

Often these are accompanied by gifts and toys and are accessible to all budgets.

“Giving an Easter gift of chocolate or confectionery to family members or friends continues to be an important tradition and fun way to make memories and add to the festivity of the season,” Greenwood said.

“Through the ages, sweet foods have been associated with celebrations and have been valued as gifts and this continues to be especially true today for Easter. However, people need to enjoy these treats in moderation and share them around, including those bunny ears.”

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