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Wireless control for industrial applications

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article image Eight-button control.

THE Insul-8 C-Series radio remote control features a compact, eight-button transmitter and a full complement of safety features.

It is suitable for the electrification of cranes, hoists, monorails, automated equipment and conveyors.

The pre-wired receiver makes installation and set-up simple. Many features not found in radio controls, at twice the price, are standard in this new product.

Key features:

* Puts the operator in total control of equipment from the plant floor.

* Operation range up to 100m (35m recommended).

* Lightweight ergonomically designed transmitter ensures ease of operation.

* Single or two-speed push-buttons with distinct position feedback.

* Receiver and transmitter enclosure: NEMA 4 (IP65) glass reinforced nylon.

* Multi-operator "first come, first served operation".

* Tandem mode operation for simultaneous crane operations.

* Up to 40 hours of battery life under continuous use with 4 AA batteries.

* Australian Communications Authority "C-Tick" approved.

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