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Power supply systems for stacker reclaimers from Conductix-Wampfler

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article image Conductix-Wampfler provide power supply systems for stacker reclaimers used in mining applications

Conductix-Wampfler  are experts when it comes to power supply systems and have recently provided equipment for over 20 stacker reclaimers in Australia, and many more internationally.

In Australia's vast mining industry, stockpiles of iron and other ores are often over 1km long and amongst the longest in the world. Supplying power to stacker reclaimers which travel the length of these stockpiles is quite a challenge.

Key features of Conductix-Wampfler power supply systems for stacker reclaimers include:

  • electrical termination board at the fixed point of supply, commonly located adjacent the centre point of machine travel
  • high voltage flexible cable which typically incorporates power, earth, safety pilot cores and fibre optics
  • level wind cable reel located on the machine to coil/uncoil the cable during machine travel
  • high voltage, low voltage and fibre optic slip ring located on the cable reel to transfer the rotating motion of the reel to a fixed electrical termination on the machine
  • electrical reticulation on the machine including cables, transformers and switch boards
  • cable festoons or cable chain systems to transfer power and control to extending conveyors and through the machine’s slewing motion.
The integration of all these elements is critical to ensuring trouble free operation of the power supply system and is one of the benefits of using a single supplier, such as Conductix-Wampfler.

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