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Inductive power transfer system

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IPT is a unique system from Conductix-Wampfler  for transferring power that is completely contactless, since power is transferred through magnetic induction from the source to the receiving object requiring power.

IPT supplies power to a moving object like a trolley, tram, cart, car or train by using the magnetic field generated by a powered track to induce electrical energy into a vehicle-mounted pick-up unit.

The system is suited to a multitude of difficult environments including water, dust or through concrete. It is completely contactless.

The power source is essentially a powered track. The electromagnetic field naturally generated around the track can similarly induce electricity in a pick-up unit within reasonably close proximity to the source track.

IPT is unique in that it is the only generally applicable commercial application of inductive power to industry.

It is known that there are other companies exploring this technology, with some having sites in progress, but the nearest competing applications fail most noticeably in power capacity (less than a third), reliability, and efficiencies of energy transfer.

IPT remains the only widely applied system without having required corrective modifications in factory environments, and the only system to have been applied to public applications like amusement rides, buses and lifts.

Advantages include that there is a virtually nothing subjected to wear and tear, and so the longevity of the system is greatly increased. There is no limit to the acceleration possible because there is no friction.

Dangerous power-sources like combustion engines or those that involve the risk of sparks from static electricity or friction are rendered obsolete, bringing power to environments previously considered too difficult or previously accepted as a hazard.

Batteries that must be replaced are similarly unnecessary because the power source is constant and uninterrupted. The absence of anything protruding from the ground means there is no obstruction to forklifts or feet.

Corrosion issues associated with other power sources are removed because there is no galvanic contact. It will operate in any weather, uninterrupted and unimpeded.

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