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Labelling models offered by Conax

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Conax  labelling system offers labelling systems such as stepper motor controlled labelhead that can act as a standalone unit or the labelling systems can be combined with AC driven variable speed conveyors. The labelling systems can be equipped with wrap units or overhead stabilising conveyors and low cost dial controls. The systems can also be fully synchronised servo driven PLC controlled systems with touch screen operator interface.

The conveyor construction labelling range offers efficient product conveyor transfers. The A/C VFD drives labelling systems comes with IP65 washdown protection, Conveyor Exit point and Machine Configuations labelling systems can be used to suit various applications.

Other ranges offerred by Conax are double sided, top and bottom labelling systems that are versatile and requires tool-less adjustments. In this type of labelling system, graduation marks and digital scales are eaier to read and the unique Conax Module Rail Mounting System makes the labelling systems as a flexible and convenient modular unit. All Conax equipment is supported by comprehensive spare parts sales, service and technical staff.

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