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Labelling machines are offered by Conax

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Conax , a part of Icon Equipment group that was started 25 years ago, manufactures and designs labellling machines. Conax labelling process deals with a wide range of shapes such as round shapes, oval shapes, and flat-shapes.

Specifications of Conax labellling machines includes servo driven PLC controlled machines, A/C driven inverted controlled modules, programmable touch screen controls, stainless steel structure, long conveyors, and high, accurate labelling speed.

Icon Equipment group is the largest producer of filling and capping machines in Australia. Icon Equipments can handle filling, capping, sealing, and packaging needs. Icon Equipments filling and capping machines are both suitable for hot and cold filling. The fillers can handle both plastic and glass containers. T he filling and capping range also comes with gravity, piston, and air sensor fillers. Tribloc systems, one of the Icon Equipment's capping machines, can fill and cap containers at a speed of 500 bottles per minute. All Icon Equipments are made of stainless steel.

Icon Equipments capping systems includes cap sorters and cap feeders and varies from screw on, snap on to oval, sports and aluminium caps. Complete packaging line is availble to meet both low and high speed requirements. Icon Equipments are qualified to meet the needs of filling and packaging products.

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