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Satellite Mkll Grinders or Polishers from Con-Treat Pty Ltd

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Con-Treat offers a range of products including concrete waterproofers, curing compounds, concrete sealers, anti slip treatments, moisture meters, concrete grinders, diamond tools and sub floor preparation equipment.

Con-Treat offers Satellite Triple Disc diamond grinders, which have been created with the contractor in mind. These are machines with grunt. With its optimized weight and grunt, one can expect the maximum production from 240volt class machines. They are rugged. Satellite’s planetary transmission has a five year warranty. With the magnetic disc retainer system, the user can change discs within one minute. The floating shroud is not only very durable, it is the most effective form of dust control shroud. For flattened, level floors, Satellite is a good choice. A most outstanding feature of Satellite is its ability to flatten out undulations, yet it will grind floors with a concave or convex surface perfectly without ridges or gouging. They are exceptionally easy to operate. They have easy axle height adjustment to set the height, which ensures minimum operator fatigue. These grinders produce top quality polished concrete, granite and marble or terrazzo floors. Satellite can grind fast; plus, it also polishes beautifully with its easy fit stainless steel ‘Velcro’ pad holder. 

Here is just some of the tooling for Satellite Mkll Grinders or Polishers. The tooling can be changed rapidly. The range includes:  

• Satellite discs for production grinding, fine finish and leveling/flattening in 7” or 5” 
• Turbo plugs for glue, coating removal and general grinding. 
• Solid plugs for straightening out rough floors and cover the ‘acres’ when flatness is not so critical. 
• Dina-sor plugs can remove concrete in several millimeters in one pass, remove tough coatings and glue. 
• Strip plugs can be the answer for thick bituminous or flexible membranes and glues. They can sometimes be successful at removing vinyl tiles, fast. 
• Polishing pads from 50- 3000/Buff for top quality shine. 
• Carbide disc with chunky TC grit for removal of many coatings and some medium/heavy glues. 

These grinders are ideal for grinding, polishing, leveling, cleaning, stripping, coating removal, glue removal and re-surfacing.

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