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Densi Proof concrete waterproofing available from Con-Treat

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Densi Proof, available from Con-Treat , is a one coat spray on system that deeply penetrates (up to 200mm and beyond) into the matrix of the concrete providing permanent waterproofing and protection. Densi Proof can be applied to new or old concrete to cure and purge oil, and to seal the concrete from any contamination. Densi Proof withstands a minimum of 35m of hydrostatic pressure and can be applied on the positive or negative side of concrete structures.

Densi Proof will even travel into concrete against water flow (hydrostatic pressure leakage) to stop water/free moisture leakage. There is minimum site disruption, allowing other trades to be able to work in the area within 1 hour of installation without compromise to the product. Densi Proof is user friendly, environmentally safe and is a onetime permanent application.

Following are some advantages of Densi Proof:

  • Permanent waterproofing of concrete against internal migration
  • Purges out years of contamination and odours from old concrete slabs
  • Better cure and seal for newly placed concrete
  • An effective and immediate halt to contaminant ingress from any direction
  • Increases concrete's density
  • Increases and reinforces concrete's compression and flexural strength
  • Diminishes permeability of concrete
  • Lowers and eliminates water or gas vapour emissions
  • Eliminates vapours such as radon
  • Produces internally a permanent colloidal silicate barrier
  • Halts and prevents alkali-silicate reactions in new or old concrete
  • Eliminates dusting potential for new or old concrete
  • Provides additional surface abrasion resistance
  • Provides surface bond quality without detriment to traction quality

Densi Proof does not adversely affect concrete's visual appearance, physical characteristics, surface traction quality, or surface bond quality. Thus, Densi Proof can be used to enhance any Portland cement concrete installation, whether traffic-bearing or not. Densi Proof is suitable for use on all street or highway pavements (bridge decks, parking decks, airport pavements, dams, footpaths, driveways and pavers) to preserve and extend performance criteria, as well as useful life span of concrete.

Densi Proof also provides a permanent passive, non destructive colloidal silicate gel barrier. It should not be confused with temporary, soluble, weakly-linked, large pore, thixotropic gels that are formed using sodium silicates through free lime reactions, which have proven detrimental to long-range concrete integrity.

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