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New range of rack-drawer KVMs from Comsol

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The new range of rack-drawer KVMs from server control specialist Comsol brings many practical improvements to the management systems environment.

Designed to be accommodated where space is at a premium, the ServerLink rack management systems combine style with practicality and space saving.

As with previous Comsol models, they combine an LCD display, keyboard and touchpad or mouse along with a KVM switch, in an industry-standard 1U height rack, offering up to a one-third space saving from a rack cabinet.

But now, Comsol has further enhanced the range with easily-read 15”, 17” and 19" LCD screens and both USB and PS2 capability.

The entry-level model, the ServerLink LKS-101H, LKS-1017H or LKS-1019H (depending on screen size), provides the basic control system. The console simply slides out from the rack, the LCD cover lifted and it is ready for use with no software or drivers needing to be installed.

Unique accessories allow the drawer to be installed in racks from 50cm up to 100cm in depth and a solid mechanism locks the drawer when pulled out or pushed in. The system is fully protected by password security to guard the computer from unauthorised access.

This basic control system can be connected to any existing KVM switch to increase server management capacity and will act exactly as if connecting to an independent keyboard, monitor and mouse, eliminating any compatibility issues.

The ServerLink LKS-801C, 8017C and 8019C add an integrated 8-port KVM switch to the basic system, while still only using 1U of rack space. This combination provides a total rack-mounted solution, complete with an auto-scan feature that automatically selects computers sequentially.

An integrated 16-port KVM switch is supplied with the ServerLink LKS-1601C, 16017C and 16019C systems. Using the same basic chassis as the other models, this powerful control system frees up valuable server-room space yet still delivers comprehensive server access.

Apart from the introduction of easily-readable 19" LCD screens, the new Comsol's range supports both USB and PS2. The unique modular design of the ServerLink LCD range also means the snap-in KVM Switch Modules can be interchanged at any time. This allows for easy expansion when the server room grows and the cascading of additional LKS series KVM switch modules to control up to 136 servers.

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