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Comsol releases digital extension for remote access to business-critical computers

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In today’s work environments there are many reasons to physically separate or extend the user from the PC/Server. Separation may be used to enhance physical and data security, remove PCs from harsh or sensitive environments, or restrict access areas.

Increasingly, IT managers ask if the workplace is the optimal location for the reliable operation, management and maintenance of the PC/server.

Many industrial workplaces are hazardous with dust, corrosive liquids and gases, high temperatures, vibration etc. that are detrimental to the reliable and continuous operation of the PC. Other environments have restricted personal access such as operating theatres, laboratories, libraries, data centres, classified areas and more.

Comsol has released a practical way to effect such separation, with its new LongView IP Digital Extension providing remote access to business-critical computers via a local area network (LAN). Convenient IP connectivity gives access to high quality DVI video and audio from anywhere in a building.

LongView IP Digital Extension allows hardware-based digital desktop extension for digital/analog video, keyboard, mouse, USB media, and audio signals over a single UTP cable or network connection. This could be over a corporate or university TCP/IP local area network or point-to-point over a single cable.

In operation, a receiver located at the user’s desk, connects to the desktop peripherals and allows those peripherals to view and control a designated remote computer via TCP/IP. The remote computer is fitted with a transmitter and is located in a back room or away from the user and allows the interfaces of that computer to be accessed over TCP/IP.

LongView IP Digital Extension can be installed on an existing 100 Mbit or Gigabit Ethernet LAN with no distance limitation, or on a single point-to-point UTP cable. LongView IP Digital Extension delivers DVI-I video with a maximum resolution of 1280 x 1024 or VGA with an optional adapter, along with CD-quality sound.

A 128-bit AES encryption guarantees data integrity and the receiver is equipped with four USB 2.0 ports to support peripherals.

LongView IP Digital Extension comes complete with microphone and country-localised power lead.

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