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Automated testers and chargers from Computer Control Instrumentation

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Computer Control Instrumentation  regularly builds testing equipment which is used for testing complete electronic assemblies. Computer Control Instrumentation manufactures automated testers and charge and discharge equipment.

Computer Control Instrumentation offers testers that are custom designed and built for the application. All parameter test decisions are made by the tester and helps in reducing total test time. Computer Control Instrumentation manufactures constant current plate-formation charge and discharge equipment. The charge and discharge equipment have an output capacity of 2 kilowatts in both manual and micro-processor controlled types. Exide uses these chargers in their plate formation and charge area of production.

Computer Control Instrumentation manufactures power and cost metering device called the Power-Mate. This unit is a small versatile component that helps in reading out the power, running cost, voltage, current, energy and greenhouse gas emission for all types of equipment and appliances. The Power-mate is suitable for standby power analysis and contains resolution down to 0.1 watts. The unit is supplied for either 2.4 kilowatts or 3.6 kilowatts applications or with higher resolution down to 0.01watts.

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