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N-FIX soil nutrients available from Compressed Air Australia

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N-FIX Soil Nutrient Concentrate, available from Compressed Air Australia is a highly fermented formula that restores soil and plant health as well as water quality while conserving the use of fertilisers and water resources.  

Manufactured in Australia, N-FIX soil nutrients are formulated to rectify the damage sustained by the soil from modern chemicals and practices.  

Functioning as a key that immediately releases the nutrients stored in microbial biomass for plant use, the soil nutrients can:  

  • Increase the soil’s ability to convert nitrogen-fixing bacteria within the soil into readily available plant food 
  • Provide a strong protozoan, bacterial and fungal food source 
  • Increase total and active bacterial and fungal biomass 
  • Improve protozoa numbers    
Unlike seaweed and humic acid based mixtures, which are fungal food only, or worm/bacterial extracts, which act as inoculants providing bacterial food only, N-FIX soil nutrients function as a strong protozoan, fungal and bacterial food source, and act as a catalyst for many of these products by providing the key that immediately releases the nutrients stored in the microbial biomass for strong plant growth and yield.  

N-FIX re-establishes the soil’s organic cycle and provides a living aerobic or air breathing soil.  

Key benefits of N-FIX Soil Nutrient Concentrate:

  • Easy and safe to apply 
  • Highly fermented and concentrated formula 
  • Restores soil and plant health 
  • Seed-dressing inoculant 
  • Ideal for transplanting, establishing and maintaining landscaped areas, trees and turf 
  • Helps achieve maximum return on yield for horticulture and broadacre users 
  • Available in 1, 5, 20, 200 and 1,000-litre containers

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