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Ion air jet eliminates static and dust

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article image The Stay Set ion air jet -- eliminates static in half a second.
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EXAIR's new Stay Set ion air jet delivers a concentrated flow of ionised air to remove dust and other contaminants from a charged surface.

Available from CompressAir Technologies , it is suitable for benchtops, machine mounting and "hard to reach" spaces that require a focused airstream of static eliminating ions.

The Stay Set ion air jet minimises compressed air use by inducing surrounding airflow at a ratio of 5:11. This amplified airstream carries the ions to the targeted surface, eliminating the charge in less than half a second.

The unit incorporates a flexible hose that keeps the airflow aimed at a specific spot until physically bent or moved to another position.

The magnetic base allows easy mounting and includes a shutoff valve that provides infinite control of force and flow. An optional foot pedal is available for hands-free operation.

The Stay Set ion air jet is UL component recognised to US and Canadian safety standards.

Applications include cleaning glass lenses; applying shrink bands; package and container cleaning; and removing contaminants from parts prior to surface coating, painting, screen printing or ink jetting.

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