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Sheet moulding compound from Composite Materials Engineering

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Composite Materials Engineering  offers wide range of sheet moulding compound and glass mat thermoplastics to the automotive industry. These products are suitable for wide range of applications including wheel tubs, seat frames, roof tiles, under engine covers, load floors, underbody noise shields, battery trays, road panels and reinforcement beams.

The moulding compounds offered by Composite Materials Engineering provide structural integrity at a reduced weight. Composite Materials Engineering provides cutting edge and flexible technology which aids in reducing the process cost. The technology provided by Composite Materials Engineering is advantageous for complex designs and for operational environmental that is subjected to harsh conditions including extreme heat, harmful chemicals and high impact condition.

Composite Materials Engineering supplies dough moulding compound to building and construction industries. These materials are used for variety of purposes including computer access flooring systems, roof tiles, shower bases and exterior door panels. The moulding compound product is also used by the food processing sector and is ideal for starch trays and storage and container systems. The food grade approved moulding compound has a longer expected life and lower lifecycle costs.

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