Composite Engineering (formerly Grating Company) News

Lightweight and rugged bridging ladders available from Composite Engineering
19.08.2011 - Even rugged 4WD vehicles can occasionally become stuck or bogged down in muddy, sandy, or extreme conditions. This no longer needs to a problem thanks to bridging ladders from Composite Engineering.
Fibre reinforced plastic safety work platforms from Composite Engineering
30.06.2011 - Composite Engineering are pleased to announce that at last there is a lightweight alternative to steel safety work platforms that will not rust, warp, or rot.
Treadgrip Nosing and Treadgrip Overlay from Composite Engineering
02.03.2011 - Treadgrip nosing and Treadgrip overlays are available from Composite Engineering to make existing steps safer for users.
Non Slip Safety Treads from Composite Engineering
01.03.2011 - Composite Engineering offers a wide range of non slip safety treads designed to make the workplace a safer environment for employees and visitors.
Pultruding Gratings and Fixings for Gratings from Composite Engineering
28.02.2011 - Pultruding gratings available from Composite Engineering are designed to provide superior unidirectional strength with high corrosion resistance.
Solid Top Gratings from Composite Engineering
25.02.2011 - Solid top gratings from Composite Engineering feature all the superior advantages of FRP grating products with the added benefit of a flat top surface.
Treadgrip Overlay non slip stair plates available from Composite Engineering
11.10.2010 - Available from Composite Engineering, Treadgrip Overlay is a non slip stair plate that has been designed to fit over the top of stairs for internal and external applications.
FRP slip resistant flat plates available from Composite Engineering
08.10.2010 - Available from Composite Engineering, FRP slip resistant flat plats are particularly suited to ramp applications.
Treadgrip stair nosings available from Composite Engineering
07.10.2010 - Available from Composite Engineering, Treadgrip is an FRP slip resistant stair nosing that offers traction even in wet and oily conditions.
Solid nose stair treads available from Composite Engineering
06.10.2010 - Available from Composite Engineering, solid nose stair treads are supplied ready made for installation on new and existing staircases.
Grating Company changes name to Composite Engineering
12.04.2010 - As of the 22nd of March, 2010, the Grating Company has changed its name to Composite Engineering.
FRP cable tray and ladder systems now available from Grating Company
09.02.2010 - Grating Company announce their new line of composite cable tray and cable ladder systems that can be custom designed to suit specific requirements.
Moulded fibreglass grating panels for corrosive environments available from Grating Company
10.04.2009 - Grating Company moulded fibreglass grating panels provide a cost effective solution for flooring, walkways and decking areas requiring long term performance in corrosive environments. Constructed from
Solid top grating products for non slip flooring available from Grating Company
08.04.2009 - Solid top grating products, available from Grating Company, have properties similar to FRP grating products with the added benefit of a flat top surface. The solid top grating product is suitable for ap
FRP Safety Roof Walkways and Ramps available from Grating Company
22.12.2008 - The FRP safety roof walkways from Grating Company are available in 22mm thick x 615mm wide in length of 3.66m.
Fibreglass FRP Roof Walkways from Grating Company
22.05.2008 - Fibreglass FRP Roof Walkways do not require any special mounting brackets and they would not react with any existing metal surface.
FRP safety roof walkways available from Grating Company
30.04.2008 - Grating Company has been supplying the height safety industry for years with FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester) safety roof walkways.
Nonslip stairs, antislip stair treads from Grating Company
29.04.2008 - Grating Company supplies a wide range of nonslip stairs and antislip stair treads.
Grating Company to exhibit FRP non-slip safety products at Safety in Action
21.04.2008 - Grating Company will be exhibiting its product lines at Safety in Action’s expo from April 29 to May 1 in Melbourne.
FRP grating for roof walkways from Grating Company
24.10.2007 - FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester) grating is now available for roof walkways.
Roofing contractors use Grating Company’s FRP roof walkways
23.10.2007 - FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester) grating available from Grating Company is now recognised as installation friendly with roofing contractors.
Grating’s FRP roof walkways offer cost effective solution
22.10.2007 - Grating’s roof walkways made from Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) can save building owners money.
Grating Company offers FRP roof walkways in a standard non reflective yellow colour
19.10.2007 - Roof Walkways made from Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) grating is available from Grating Company in a standard non reflective yellow colour which is recognised as a standard in safety.
Grating’s FRP products with quartz grit to prevent slips, trips and fall
18.10.2007 - Slippery Stairs and walkways are an accident waiting to happen. Government statistics show that slips, trips and falls represent a large majority of workplace injuries. However, if you use FRP products from Grating Company that have quartz grit manuf
Grating’s FRP platforms to create a safe working surface in the workplace
17.10.2007 - The OH&S laws and associated penalties for accidents in the work place means there is a greater focus on all working surfaces in the workplace. Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) grating has a non slip quartz grit surface making all types of platf
FRP roof walkways from Grating Company
10.10.2007 - The Grating Company introduced FRP roof walkways as a safe and simple alternative to the traditional steel meshed walkways.
Bridging ladders available from Grating Company
09.10.2007 - Bridging ladders/TrackMats have been used for many years by off road vehicle owners but it is only recently that modern materials and manufacturing methods have enabled us to produce stronger, lighter and better value versions out of FRP.
Grating Company introduces new slip resistant ladder rung cover
08.10.2007 - LadderGrip is a new product from the Grating Company and is part of their FRP safety products range.
FRP Grates from Grating Company are chemical resistant
04.10.2007 - FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) Grates are chemical resistant, UV stablised and provides equivalent strength in the appropriate situations.
FRP Stairs from Grating Company provide answer for new and exiting buildings
03.10.2007 - Stairs that are made from FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) are now available in yellow and green with a solid nose front.
Grating Company FRP Stairs eliminate slips, trips and falls – OH&S friendly
02.10.2007 - FRP Grating (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) stair solutions provide a cost effective, safe solution.
Fiberglass – Non Slip Overlay Stairs provide cost effective solution for existing steps
01.10.2007 - Existing stairs can be easily upgraded to provide a non slip surface using an FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) solution.
The complete FRP package Stairs/Handrails/Stringers from Grating Company
28.09.2007 - FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) stairs provide not only a non slip quartz grit surface but are non conductive, which is essential in electrical sensitive environments.
Slippery Stairs a thing of the past as Grating Company FRP stairs take “foothold”
27.09.2007 - Slippery stairs are found outside and are on a range of surfaces like, steel, timber and concrete and are often overlooked as areas of potential serious injury. Taking that first step to removing potential slips and falls can be found in a range of F
FRP Grates available from Grating Company
25.09.2007 - FRP Grates are available from Grating Company.
TreadGrip overlay and nosings
04.05.2006 - OVERLAYS from The Grating Company are FRP (fibreglass reinforced ployester) non-slip plates that can be fitted over existing stairs/steps (concrete, steel or timber). Nosings are a slip-resistant step edging. Both products offer superior traction in
FRP (fibreglass reinforced polyester) grating
03.05.2006 - FRP (fibreglass reinforced polyester) grating is non-slip, non-conductive and corrosion resistant over a wide pH range. Moulded grating is manufactured from continuous glass fibre reinforcements in combination with polyester or vinylester resins to p
Fibreglass walkways find a home at height
17.02.2006 - MELBOURNE Safety Walkways, a progressive height safety construction company, has taken the next step in a new generation walkway material. They are exclusively using FRP (fibreglass reinforced polyester) walkways supplied by the Grating Company - set
Non-slip fibreglass treads, grates and ladders
04.02.2005 - WET, slippery areas can be easily and cost effectively addressed with a range of Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) materials on show at the Grating Company's Safety In Action and Materials & Manual Handling stand.
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