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Lightweight and rugged bridging ladders available from Composite Engineering

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article image Lightweight and rugged bridging ladders

Even rugged 4WD vehicles can occasionally become stuck or bogged down in muddy, sandy, or extreme conditions. This no longer needs to a problem thanks to bridging ladders from Composite Engineering .

Bridging ladders have been used for many years by off road vehicle owners who become bogged down in rugged conditions, but it is only recently that modern materials and manufacturing methods have enabled stronger, lighter, and better value versions to be produced.

Composite Engineering uses the latest high strength, low weight fibreglass in the manufacture of their bridging ladders, which is ideal for a large number of off road situations.

These bridging ladders are a fraction of the weight of previous metal versions and will not rot, rust, or corrode and there is no need for painting or maintenance. They are simply hosed down and ready to be stored away for the next time they are needed.

While these bridging ladders will deform under heavy loads, they will return to their original shape once the load has been removed. Furthermore, thanks to a gritted surface these bridging ladders offer an extended life and provide superior traction, even in the worst of conditions.

These bridging ladders are ideal for bridging over bogs and rocks, or in other situations where extra grip and stability is required, even when four wheel driving. They are lightweight enough to keep on board, and strong enough to bear the weight of an off road vehicle.

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