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FRP roof walkways from Grating Company

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In July 2005 new OH&S standards came into effect requiring building owners to provide safe access to roof top equipment to enable service contractors a safe working environment.

The Grating Company introduced FRP roof walkways as a safe and simple alternative to the traditional steel meshed walkways.

Australian Standards stipulate that the walkway width has to be a minimum of 600mm.

The safe and simple FRP walkways meet AS 1657-1992 and are available in sheet sizes of 22mm x 615mm x 3660mm.

The panels are light and easy to get onto site. They can be installed directly to the roof with no membrane protection required.

The roof walkways are manufactured in safety yellow and are UV stablised. They are non slip, non conductive and non corrosive.

FRP walkways do not require any special mounting brackets and will not react with any existing metal surface.

Special clips and joining clips remove wastage and make installation simple quick and easy.

FRP can be easily cut and can be fixed along or across the decking rib of the roof. They are ideal for Skylight crossovers.

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