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FRP Grates from Grating Company are chemical resistant

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Grates are subject to all types of abuse having to withstand all types of toxic substances.

One of the most common of chemicals is salt and its effect on traditional steel grates usually requires regular replacement.

FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) Grates are chemical resistant, UV stablised and provides equivalent strength in the appropriate situations.

FRP Grates from Grating Company are used as shelves and flooring in chemical stores providing strength combined with the benefit of being light weight making them easy to move if changes are required or for general cleaning.

FRP Grates are used outside, are able to withstand vehicular traffic, oils and petrol spills. These chemicals often provide a slippery surface.

However on the FRP grate these types of chemicals do not affect the product or the quartz grit surface.

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