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Auditing and consulting services from Compliance Monitoring

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Compliance Monitoring  provides automated reporting systems and auditing services to establish additional hardware needs, monitoring networks, conformance with guidelines, existing service records, suitability and quality of spare parts and consumables.

Compliance Monitoring also undertakes station and network upgrades and services of existing equipment catering to specific regulatory guidelines. The calibration equipment supplied by Compliance Monitoring are designed and manufactured according to Australian standards for calibration procedures.

The equipments offered by Compliance Monitoring includes wind sensor motor drive bearings, orifice plate, sensor calibration, wind direction calibrator, traceable thermometers, digital barometer and manometer, meters for flow determination and calibration gas detectors.

Compliance Monitoring employs and supports the latest communication techniques to ensure maximization of valid data capture. The various new techniques offered by Compliance Monitoring include radiotelemetry, ADSL, GSM and TC/IP. Compliance Monitoring records complete verification records and detailed electronic calibration to ensure full audit trail and monitoring.

Compliance Monitoring has successfully completed various projects of various departments including Department of environment, Department of environment and conservation, Alcoa and air assessments to monitor and assists air audits, data validation service and ambient air project management.

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