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Using CE Test Reports for C-Tick Compliance

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Compliance Engineering  offers a broad scope of EMC services including EMC testing, RF interference and hazard measurements as well as RF shielded enclosures and EMC filters.

In Australia, the manufacturer or importing agent of a product is required to hold a compliance folder, which includes a copy of the EMC compliance test report.

Overseas EMC test reports based on CE requirements may be used to show compliance with the Australian C-Tick but are not always suitable.

It is not a simple task to determine if a CE test report is suitable for C-Tick compliance as the details in the report will need to be understood and then compared against the AS/NZS standard applicable to the classification of equipment.

Often when obtaining documentation from overseas suppliers, only the suppliers’ CE declaration of conformity is supplied and not the full compliance test report.

Compliance Engineering staff have in-depth knowledge of EMC standards and their application to specific products.

The company is equipped to review overseas EMC test reports with reference to C-Tick suitability.

On completion of review of these test reports, the company will provide the client with a written assessment report detailing the suitability of the overseas test report and highlighting any shortcomings evident in the report.

This written assessment report may be presented to the supplier and forwarded to the issuing organisation. Often the suppliers’ test reports can be updated by the issuing organisation in line with C-Tick requirements.

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