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Compatible Punch Tooling discuss steps to optimise punches and dies

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article image Sharp edges for cleaner cuts

Compatible Punch Tooling  offer steps to make the most of the punches and dies users already have. Sharpening/grinding tools removes damaged sections and restores a sharp and efficient cutting edge. By sharpening often, and in small increments, the tool length is retained for a longer life. It also delays tool replacement and saves money.

A sharp edge gives a cleaner and effective cut and actually reduces tool wear. Regular sharpening is cheaper and gives a longer tool life. Shim sharpened tools include shim, or pack up, sharpened dies, and punches. These tools restore the tool length and delay the need for buying new tools, saving money. Shimming also reduces the risk of slug pulling from insufficient penetration.

Having the right clearance gives the optimum balance of punching ease and low burr finish. Punching ease means the punch cuts through efficiently without excess wear on the tools. Reducing tool wear also reduces sharpening and the frequency of tool replacement. A small burr means there is less hand finishing or labour cost required to remove ragged or sharp edges. Each type and thickness of metal has an optimal clearance.

A tool with the right clearance can give a good finish on every hole and the cost can be recovered over by:

  • Not having to hand finish the job
  • Causing less wear on the tools
  • Delaying the need for replacing tools
  • Contact compatible for shims, sharpening options and free clearance advice

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