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Cable accessories from Compaq International

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Compaq International  offers wide range of premium quality cable accessories including heat sealers, heat shrink tubing, electrical heat shrink leave, transition joints, cable joining kits, power cable accessories and moulded shape tubes to name a few.

Compaq International provides heat shrink technology which helps the material to shrink and regain its original profile and shape. Compaq International is continuously engaged in research to provide heat shrink fittings and is tested in all stages of manufacturing. The cable accessories supplied by Compaq International are designed and manufactured according to world wide standards and specifications. Compaq International offers prompt service, customer accessibility, cost effective and affordable solutions and free advice in all matters of cable joining.

The variety of heat shrink products offered by Compaq International includes straight joints, terminations, transition joints, heat insulation tapes, heat shrink tubing, heat shrinkable wraparound sleeve, heat shrinkable moulded shapes and cable jointing kits.

The power cable accessories supplied by Compaq International ensures protection against dielectric stress, tracking and corone discharge. The systems designed by Compaq International are user and environment friendly and have ability to function in the extreme conditions.

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