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PLC to plant Ethernet adapter

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ECHOLINK is an intelligent Ethernet adapter for PLCs without a networking interface. Through the application of the Echolink, available from Compact System Engineering , these PLCs now become Ethernet network nodes.

An OPC/DDE server enables SCADA systems to access the Echolink-connected PLC data.

Using the serial interface (RS232C/RS422) the Echolink works with several protocols such as Siemens AS 511 active/passive, 3964R, RK 512, MPI, Modbus and Telnet.

S7 PLCs are connected through the MPI protocol, while using the AS511 and RK 512 protocol to access the S5 PLCs.

An interface for bi-directional communication between two network stations with serial ports can be achieved with the Echolink Telnet function.

A sequence of keyboard strokes can be transmitted via Ethernet to a second host station. A very useful application, for example, is the configuration of HMI panels or text displays.

Only when PLC data values change, then the Echolink is fetching these data and transmits them across the network to the specified communication partner.

The Serial-Ethernet converter is also able to connect to the Moeller IPC 620 PLCs (ABC-Protocol), PS 4-201 PLC (SUCOM), Siemens S5 and Siemens S7 PLCs.

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