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Energy savings are out of this world for space technology company
02.07.2013 - boiler is working up to 66% less and at times, is not required at all, creating significant cost and carbon reduction savings
CompAir launches dedicated CEP division
22.05.2012 - A specialist division of CompAir Australasia Ltd, the CEP has been established to meet the growing demand for high quality custom engineered air and gas equipment.
Have CompAir carry out an AirAudit on your compressed air systems and save
26.04.2012 - According to Gilbert McLean, the National Key Account Manger of the AirAudit Division at CompAir, if your compressed air systems undergo an AirAudit, you could save up to 50% on your energy bill.
New CompAir Q-70L oil free centrifugal compressors now available for low pressure applications
01.02.2012 - CompAir Australasia Ltd has expanded the Quantima range of innovative oil free centrifugal compressors with the introduction of the Q-70L model suitable for low pressure applications.
Offshore compressor range available from CompAir Australasia
14.12.2011 - CompAir offers a wide range of compressed air solutions, including compressors for offshore applications.
Extended range of 7.5kW to 250kW regulated speed compressors available from CompAir
04.10.2011 - The extended range of L-RS regulated speed rotary screw compressors from CompAir have a long life, achieve high energy effieciency and are easy to maintain.
CompAir launches new Quantima low pressure compressors for blower-type applications
03.10.2011 - Compressed air manufacturer, CompAir Australasia Ltd introduces a new low pressure model suitable for blower-type applications to its innovative range of Quantima compressors.
CompAir lowers energy costs with upgrades to SmartAir compressor controllers
30.09.2011 - CompAir Australasia Ltd introduces the SmartAir Lite to its proven compressor controller range. SmartAir Lite is a new range of compressor controllers designed to intelligently control up to four fixe
New SmartAir Lite from CompAir Australasia
21.09.2011 - CompAir Australasia presents the new SmartAir Lite Compressed Air Intelligent Controller, with high levels of efficiency and system management.
DLT1303 range of portable compressors available from Compair Australasia Ltd
29.11.2010 - Compair Australasia's new DLT1303 range of portable compressors feature new electronic controllers as opposed to the mechanically controlled engines on the previous DLT1302 versions.
HV04 Hypac AERD (Receiver mounted with refrigerant dryer and filtration) vertical compressor selectors from Compair Australasia
26.11.2010 - Compair Australasia Ltd introduces the HV04 Hypac AERD (Receiver mounted with refrigerant dryer and filtration) vertical compressor selectors from Hydrovane
V-Major piston compressors from Compair Australasia
27.10.2010 - Now available from Compair Australasia, the V-Major piston compressor is built to a slow speed, double acting, water cooled design and is available in both oil lubricated and oil free versions.
M series oil lubricated and oil free piston compressors, from Compair Australasia
26.10.2010 - Compair Australasia M series direct driven oil lubricated and oil free piston compressors are designed to withstand continuous use in heavily industrial environments.
Oil-injected rotary screw compressors from CompAir Australasia
25.10.2010 - CompAir's extensive range of oil-injected rotary screw compressors are constructed using the latest technology and manufacturing processes to provide a continuous supply of compressed air.
Portable air compressors for powering single tools, from Compair Australasia
21.10.2010 - Compair Australasia are suppliers of a range of portable air compressors ideal for powering small tools, or a single larger tool or pump.
Refrigeration dryers range F2C - F1200C+ available from CompAir Australasia
23.07.2009 - Available from CompAir Australasia, the F2C – F1200C range of refrigeration dryers are efficient heat exchangers that have a low pressure loss with a reliably low pressure dew point.
Compressed air filters available from CompAir Australasia
21.07.2009 - Available from CompAir Australasia, compressed air filters are specifically designed to be an energy efficient filtration solution.
SILpack R piston compressors from CompAir Australasia
20.07.2009 - CompAir Australasia's SILpack R piston compressors provide a cost effective and reliable compressed air supply.
L02-L05 range of rotary screw compressors available from CompAir Australasia
17.07.2009 - Available from CompAir Australasia, the L02-L05 range of rotary screw compressors are quick and easy to install due to the compact and flexible design.
D Series oil-free rotary screw compressors available from CompAir Australasia
16.07.2009 - Available from CompAir Australasia, the D Series rotary screw compressors are 100% oil-free and available in air-cooled and water-cooled options.
Quantima air compressors from Compair reduces carbon footprint
28.11.2008 - Compair have developed a new air compressor range said to cut energy costs and reduce the carbon footprint of mining operations.
Strategic Acquisition Enhance Compair Australasia’s National Market Position
07.11.2008 - Compressed air and gas system manufacturers, CompAir Australasia are now becoming a part of the US based Gardner Denver Group. The strategic acquisition of CompAir Australasia by Gardner Denver (New York stock exchange listed) will help CompAir Austr
CompAir’s Airnergy Analysis helps lower energy use and costs
05.11.2008 - Compressed air and gas system manufacturer CompAir has introduced a new service for Australian business and industry that can provide cost savings on compressed air by up to 30 per cent.
Quantima compressors launched by CompAir Australasia
07.10.2008 - CompAir Australasia have launched Quantima, which is a dynamic oil-free compressor technology.
CompAir to launch Quantima compressor at nationwide business breakfasts
03.10.2008 - The Quantima compressor has been developed by compressed air and gas system manufacturers CompAir and its oil-free technology and greater efficiency cuts energy costs by up to 25% and greenhouse emissions by 35%.
Quantima model of compressors available from Compair Australasia
01.09.2008 - Compair Australasia provide manufacturing and distribution services for a range of compressed air and gas systems.
CompAir Australasia launch environment-friendly compressors
01.09.2008 - CompAir Australasia offer an advanced compressor technology that provides major environmental benefits and substantial cost savings for industry.
Construction air tools from Compair Australasia
12.03.2008 - Compair Australasia's comprehensive range of construction air tools provide the correct tool for the application, be it chipping hammers for light duty demolition work, hammer drills capable of drilling the hard concrete or pneumatic breakers for hea
Portable compressors from Compair Australasia
11.03.2008 - A wide variety of users rely on Compair Australasia C series portable compressors when there is a demand for portable compressed air.
CompAir launches new L50 lubricated screw compressor
22.11.2007 - The L50 compressor delivers energy savings of up to 7.2%, achieved through a number of innovations, including slower rotation speeds in the premium air end rotors, intelligent controls and by fitting an energy-saving, high efficiency IP 55 motor.
New C series portable compressors from CompAir
22.11.2007 - Across the C series a wide range of options exist to tailor the compressor to your exact requirements.
CompAir upgrades its TurboScrew compressors
21.11.2007 - The biturbo technology of CompAir’s TurboScrew portable system makes it ideal in terms of reduced fuel consumption for applications e.g. ship refurbishment, oil-barrier, building and bridge refurbishment, dry-ice-blasting, drilling, pneumatic lance,
Wide range of Diesel portable compressors available from Compair Australasia
31.05.2007 - Many years of developing the compressor screw air end, the heart of every compressed air machine has provided Compair Australasia with the experience to be able to offer a machine that is both economic and reliable and safe to operate.
Water-injected single screw compressors
04.05.2006 - COMPAIR has extended its oil-free offering with the introduction of a new range of water-injected single screw compressors. Designed for applications where there is a need for high-quality 'active' air - air that comes into direct contact with the pr
Clean air, and curb contamination
08.12.2004 - Contamination of compressed air can have dire consequences for staff and factory equipment, but steps can be taken to prevent problems. Manufacturers’ Monthly journalist Zoë Fielding reports.
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