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Wide range of Diesel portable compressors available from Compair Australasia

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Quality, innovation and reliability are the three pillars of Compair Australasia ’s philosophy.

Many years of developing the compressor screw air end, the heart of every compressed air machine has provided Compair Australasia with the experience to be able to offer a machine that is both economic and reliable and safe to operate.

Using highly modern CNC machines and the exact on-line laser measuring technology, CompAir's manufacturing sites guarantee the high quality manufacturing standards across the entire range of machines.

A high-value corrosion protection treatment of the chassis and a zinc coating of important components produce long lasting portables, which maintain their value for many years and facilitate a trouble-free working life.

Portable screw compressor C20 - C30:

The compressors in this range are driven by a particularly quiet running and reduced fuel consumption Kubota engine.

Low rpm's and auto-offloading guarantee fuel savings and longer engine life, helping to save costs while at the same time protecting the environment.

The various applications of these compressors, like breakers, drills, mole operations, blowing-out, are further enhanced by integrated generators, which can supply power for the site, lighting or electrical tools. A variety of different chassis are available.

Portable screw compressors C38 - C76:

These proven and tested compressors stand out for their low fuel consumption and high efficiency due to different pressures available up to 14bar, this compact compressor range is versatile and meets many requirements set for numerous applications e.g. sand-blasting, ice-blasting, mole operations and drilling.

The compressors have enough room to store two hammers, picks or any other pneumatic tools. Separate engine and compressor filters guarantee a long service life.

All of the service points are strategically located for easy access.

Portable screw compressors C85-14 - C140-9:

In this widely successful range, Compair relies on the new QSB 4.5 engine range from Cummins. These engines are fitted with electronic injection and meet stringent demands with regards to exhaust emissions for the foreseeable future.

Designed for tough construction site conditions, this new series of compressors offers the high reliability, performance and quality of compressed air, whether it is for road building or civil engineering applications, cable blowing, concrete spraying, spray painting, piling/pile capping or DTH drills.

This range comprises seven new single axle models. The series C85-14 - C140-9 is particularly suitable for sand blasting work on concrete or steel, for building demolition and special construction work such as piling and geotechnical drilling.

Specialised building contractors in these areas today demand accurately defined air quality for both oil and water content. Options such as aftercoolers and air line lubricators guarantee this desired air quality.

The C85-14 - C140-91 range provides 8.5-14m3 of air at operating pressures of between 8.6-14 bar. The compressor is equipped with numerous standard options, which, from any other manufacturer, would only be available at a great additional cost to the customer.

Due to the inclusion of two batteries, ideal running performance can be guaranteed even in highly cold winters. The long life cycle of these compressors are further enhanced by automatic shutdowns.

TurboScrew compressors with new Cummins engines introduced six years ago, the TurboScrew series, with its unique technology for energy efficiency and reliability is being enhanced.

The new QSB 6.7 engine developed by Compair in conjunction with Cummins, has made this possible.

The bi-turbo technology of Compair's TurboScrew portable system makes it ideal in its class in terms of reduced fuel consumption for applications e.g. ship refurbishment, oil-barrier, building and bridge refurbishment, dry-ice-blasting, drilling, pneumatic lance, earth loosening, ground exploration, water well drilling.

This is achieved through the use of a second exhaust turbo charger which precompresses the inlet air for the screw compressor stage. The patented machine concept significantly improves the efficiency of the compressor, particularly over everyday partial load operation.

This design produces savings of up to 30% on diesel fuel at the same volume flow rate as other similar output machines. This unique technology provides machines which are the light in their class, up to 2000 kg lighter than other comparable compressors of any supplier.

CompAir also scores highly when it comes to the operating weight of the machines.

In the 3.5 to 5.0 m³/min compressor class, CompAir offers machines weighing less than 750 kg and in the 2.0 to 2.5 m³/min class the unbraked systems weigh no more than 500 kg.

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