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V-Major piston compressors from Compair Australasia

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Now available from Compair Australasia , the V-Major piston compressor is built to a slow speed, double acting, water cooled design and is available in both oil lubricated and oil free versions.

Also available for pressures from 1.5 to 20.5 bar g, and power from 90 to 315 kW, CompAir reciprocating piston compressors have been in production for almost a century and are constantly being improved with new designs and materials.

V-Major piston compressors are renowned worldwide for providing long term, reliable, energy efficient compressed air in every environment and industry. There are 20 models available in the series, including an oil free option.

Available with oil free cylinders for applications where oil cannot be tolerated in the gas or air being compressed, the oil free units have extended piston rods with non-lubricated packings, as well as self-lubricating PTFE piston rings run in corrosion resisting, replaceable, austenitic iron cylinder liners.

These robust compressors are also suitable for high ambient temperatures, working equally well in heats of up to 55ºC. The V-Major piston compressor is equipped with water jackets and intercoolers to maintain correct running temperatures, and closed circuit cooling systems can be provided for locations where cooling water is unavailable.

Available options for V-Major piston compressors include:

  • vee belt driven
  • direct coupled motor
  • custom built packages/specifications.

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