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CompAir upgrades its TurboScrew compressors

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Introduced six years ago, the TurboScrew series, with its unique technology for energy efficiency and reliability is being enhanced.

The new QSB 6.7 engine developed by CompAir in conjunction with Cummins has made this possible.

The biturbo technology of CompAir’s TurboScrew portable system makes it ideal in terms of reduced fuel consumption for applications e.g. ship refurbishment, oil-barrier, building and bridge refurbishment, dry-ice-blasting, drilling, pneumatic lance, earth loosening, ground exploration, water well drilling.

This is achieved through the use of a second exhaust turbo charger which precompresses the inlet air for the screw compressor stage.

The patented machine concept significantly improves the efficiency of the compressor, particularly over everyday partial load operation.

This design produces savings of up to 30% on diesel fuel at the same volume flow rate as other similar output machines. This unique technology provides machines which are light up to 2000kg.

At the customer’s request, CompAir will continue to supply the standard machine with the proven mechanically regulated engine for export markets outside Europe.

The C200TS-14 - C230TS -9 (with Cummins QSB6.7 engine 180kW) range provides 20-23m³/min and the C240TS-14 – C270TS-9 (with Cummins QSB6.7 engine 228kW) range provides 23-27m³/min of air at operating pressures of between 8.6-14 bar.

The compressor is equipped with numerous standard options. Due to the inclusion of two batteries good running performance can be assured even in cold winters. The long life cycle of these compressors are further enhanced by automatic shutdowns.

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