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CompAir launches new Quantima low pressure compressors for blower-type applications

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Compressed air manufacturer, CompAir Australasia Ltd introduces a new low pressure model suitable for blower-type applications to its innovative range of Quantima compressors.  

The Q-70L compressor expands on the existing 5 to 8 bar models in the Quantima range with its ability to operate at 3 to 5 bar.  

Quantima Q-70L compressors are ideal for applications that require a high volume of low-pressure air, such as in the glass industry where the fluidisation of powder materials facilitates conveying and material handling.  

The new Quantima low pressure compressors feature the same breakthrough Q-drive, oil-free centrifugal technology as the existing models in the range. The proven technology helps customers to improve energy efficiency and lower cost of ownership across a wide range of industrial applications.  

According to Richard Hilton, Quantima and oil-free product manager for CompAir, the addition of the Q-70L extends the availability of their breakthrough Quantima technology to a wider variety of industrial processes from low-pressure blowing applications through to a 24/7 supply of factory air.  

He adds that the Q-70L allows customers to standardise on one type of technology for most applications by building on the existing 5 to 8 bar models in the range.  

Key features of Quantima Q-70L compressors with Q-drive technology:  

  • Q-drive assembly has only one moving part, which spins in a magnetic field and has no contact or mechanical wear 
  • Induction motor design and high frequency inverter eliminates the need for a gearbox 
  • Compressor can operate without any oil lubrication 
  • Q-drive’s simple construction eliminates performance degradation over the life of the compressor 
  • Power-saving unit is approximately half the weight and physical size of many equivalent compressors 
  • High energy efficiency helps customers make energy savings of up to 25% while improving environmental credentials 
  • Easy operation helps to improve production uptime and efficiencies 
  • Intelligent Q-master controller features a touch screen panel with intuitive navigation and menu structure 
  • Q-master monitors all compressor parameters automatically 
  • Remote monitoring technology ensures 27/7 high performance and reliability through CompAir’s Q-life predictive maintenance system

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