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CompAir launches new L50 lubricated screw compressor

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Compressor manufacturer, CompAir has launched its new L50 lubricated screw compressor.

This compressor is designed using CompAir's cutting edge integrated modular design, which delivers a range of tangible benefits for customers including reduced energy bills, a smaller footprint and a noise level of just 67dB(A).

The new L50 is a significant addition to CompAir's lubricated screw product family.

The L50 compressor delivers energy savings of up to 7.2%, achieved through a number of innovations, including slower rotation speeds in the premium air end rotors, intelligent controls and by fitting an energy-saving, high efficiency IP 55 motor.

These savings equate to a cut in energy bills of up to £1,000 per year and a reduction in annual CO2 emissions of up to 9,000kg, making a positive impact on both the bottom line and the environment.

With a noise level of just 67dB (A), well below the typical industry noise level (90dB (A), it is easy to stand next to the compressor and have a conversation and there is no need for users to wear ear protection.

Coupled with the smaller footprint, this means that the compressor does not need to be relegated to a distant compressor house, but can be located right next to the point of use of the air if needed.

With the intelligent, fully electronic controllers giving efficient monitoring and a user-friendly menu, the new design is easy to use and it is being rolled out to CompAir's existing L30, L37, L45 and L45SR compressors.

Ease of maintenance has also been a key issue for the engineers at CompAir, witness the direct coupled system and a high performance separator filter which is easy to change due to a hinged cover.

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