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Equipment racks from Comnet Solutions

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Comnet Solutions  distributes a wide range of racks and accessories such as server racks, steel vented shelf equipment rack, cable management brackets and drawer units.

Range of racks from Comnet Solutions includes steel shelf equipment rack, angled seaport equipment rack, cage nuts equipment rack and panel screws equipment rack. The server rack is made of steel frame and has removable side panels and top panel. The steel vented shelf equipment rack is sturdy and has steel finished with black powdercoating. The equipment rack can be used to support non-rack mountable equipment such as PC towers servers, communications, UPS etc.

Comnet Solutions supplies drawer units which are used for storing tape, optical media, manuals, cables, test equipment etc. Comnet Solutions supplies data storage and backup drive solutions which includes cables, terminators, cable adaptors, hard disk drives, Quantum tapes and Quantum autoloaders.

Comnet Solutions supplies full duplex backhaul wireless broadband solutions. The full duplex dual broadband wireless radio models allow more data to travel through the same amount of radio spectrum with less delay. The system uses two radios which helps in allowing data to flow in both directions simultaneously.

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