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Peak body for independent radio and television broadcasting industry

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The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) is designed to represent the independent radio and television broadcasting industry with the aim of providing community stations with the opportunity to strengthen local communities by forming a sense of commonality amongst those who live there.

The association provides leadership, advocacy and support to the independent broadcasting industry in an effort to ensure local communities receive broadcasting that is relevant, varied and easy to access.

Various activities are carried out by the association for the benefit of its members, including:

  • Policy formation
  • Liaising with government and regulatory bodies to ensure policies and legislation reflect the needs of the independent broadcasting industry
  • Conducting research into audience demographics and different sectors of Australian society
  • Distribution of programs and music 
  • Production of music
The association also provides its members with training in order to ensure they are well equipped to deal with industry changes.

Members of the association are varied, and include fully licensed stations through to those yet to acquire a permanent broadcast license.

There are currently 270 member stations who broadcast nationwide.

The association places a high level of importance on maintaining strong communication with both members and stakeholders who are involved in the independent broadcasting industry.

It subsequently distributes e-newsletters and posts podcasts on a regular basis and produces CBX, a magazine that contains information regarding new policy and policy amendments, developments experienced by member stations and new industry initiatives.

Each year, the association holds the CBAA Conference, which provides members with the opportunity to meet with one another and discuss the independent broadcasting industry.

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